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On 2-9 July 2017 the biggest in the World, International Kyokushin Summer Camp was held. Nearly 1000 participants, representing IFK, Kan, KWF and AKR, were accommodated in six hotels and practiced at the Kamchiya Sports Center. The opening of the camp was made by: Sports Minister of Bulgaria Krasen Kralev, shihan Andre Drewniak, shihan Dawid Pickthall and shihan Ivo Kamenov (main organizer). The program included two obligatory training sessions per day, at 8am and 6pm.

The participants were grouped as follows: black belts, brown and green belts, yellow and blue belts, children and a separate group of fighters. Volunteers could also take part in a Iaido sword training.

Training sessions for black and brown belts were run daily by shihan A. Drewniak (KWF) and shihan D. Pickthall (IFK). World champions Zahari Damyanov (Kan) and Sergey Plekhanov (KWF) as well as other Bulgarian masters, such as shihan Asen Asenov, shihan Marin Mitev, sensei Nikolay Rachev and senpai Petar Martinov, led sessions for the sports group and others.

Shihan Ramil Gabbasov conducted daily training classes for 160 international KWU judges.

The Professional Grand Prix of Bulgaria was held on 5 July. The President of WFKO Aleksander Tanyushkin from Moscow opened the event and the main judge was shihan Andrey Bura. Fighters fought five rounds of 2 minutes each, with a minute's rest. The first match was won by Aleksander Drozd (Russia) who defeated Andrey Andreev (Bulgaria). The second one was won by Nikolay Yorgov (Bulgaria) who defeated Naoki Morita (Japan). The organizer was the Kyokushin Bulgarian Federation led by shihan I. Kamenov.

Shihan Hatsuo Royama came at the end of the camp to take part in the International Youth Tournament, dan exams and a farewell photo session.

On 7 July was held the International KWU Youth Tournament "Varna Cup" with the participation of about 130 fighters from 16 countries. The main judge was shihan R. Gabbasov and it was opened by shihan A. Drewniak on the behalf of KWU. Prizes were given by shihan H. Royama, shihan A. Drewniak, shihan M. Mitev and sensei N. Rachev. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Kyokushin Federation headed by shihan I. Kamenov.

On 8 July dan examinations were held, supervised by Shihan H. Royama and shihan A. Drewniak.

In the evening the official closure of the camp and a photo session took place in which participated shihan H. Royama and shihan A. Drewniak, as well as all leading instructors. Late in the evening in Varna a Sayonara party for about 400 adult participants was organized in the Rappongi Restaurant.





July 8th, 2017, on the last day of the 50th, jubilee International Summer Camp in Papendal, Holland, Shihan Loek Hollander received 10th Dan.

On behalf of Board of Kyokushin World Federation and all students Shihan Antonio Pinero had this great honor to hand to Shihan L. Hollander 10th Dan Certificate along with Black Belt with ten golden strips. 

Shihan L. Hollander dedicated all his life to build up strong Kyokushin in Europe as well as all over the world.

As the right hand of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (especially in International Affairs) he was the member of International Committee of IKO for 50 years and he was responsible for creation of European Kyokushin Organization and supervised development of African Kyokushin. 

Shihan L. Hollander always played exceptionally important role in all IKO World Championships and international camps on all continents.

He created unique European style of Kyokushin trainings.

He put a lot of efforts to spread Kyokushin especially in Eastern European countries, he was leading Eastern European Kyokushin Summer Camps in Krakow, Poland for more than ten times as well as numerous times in other Eastern European countries. 

Nobody in the world more than Shihan L. Hollander deserves to get this extraordinary recognition. 


The Norwegian summer camp for KWF Norway was arranged at Egersund on the south/west coast of Norway from June 23rd to June 26th 2017.

The camp was a great success with 130 participants. KWF Norway is a young organization that is only 15 months old. With 130 participants and 12 instructors we could give more personal advice to all the participants.

This year we had the honor and great pleasure in having our dear President Shihan Loek Hollander attending the camp. This was a very special event. Shihan Loek Hollander instructed and also told stories from the time in Tokyo with Sosai Mas Oyama.

It is very important that the KWF members get to know some of the history from Sosais "son" Shihan Loek Hollander.

And as usual our guest instructor Shihan Antonio Pinero, 8 dan, from Spain attended the camp.

We also had the pleasure in having Shihan Fernando Perez, 6 dan, present. Shihan Fernando Perez is well known as head referee from KWFs championships.

Also we had the honor of having Shihan Paul Lorist, 5 dan, from Holland. Shihan Paul Lorist is responsible for the Papendal camp next week in Holland. And he is well known as a referee at KWFs championships.

Shihan Lars Hogquist was responsible for the technical part of the camp.

11 candidates made a new dan degree. With Godan as the highest this time

The feedback was very good from the participants.

The atmosphere was excellent and a lot of smiles were seen during the entire camp and many new techniques were taught to everyone. The children really enjoyed the training too.

And the food was excellent. Our KWF members seldom gain weight at a camp but this time I am sure they did!!

Welcome next year.

Lars Hogquist




Between 21 and 22 April 2017 in the modern Metropolitan Hall in Astana, Kazakhstan, the KWF Asian Open Championship were held with the participation of nearly 550 competitors from 13 countries, including Japan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. On April 20 an Open Leaders' Meeting was held as well as a Referee Course. Fighters under 18 competed on the first day, and fighters 18+ on the second day of the event. The opening of the Championship was made by KWF Secretary Andre Drewniak. Then the floor was taken by KWU Secretary Sergey Suvorov, KWU Director Ramil Gobbbasov and the President of Kazakhstan KWF Federation Irina Manzanova, who also represented Edem, the general sponsor of the Championship.

 Official observers were coaches of KWF National Team of Japan Noriyuki Tanaka, National Team of Russia Sergey Soldatov and National Team of Poland Robert Wajgelt. The main judge was shihan A. Drewniak and technical judge was shihan R. Gobbasov. Sayonara was organized in the Official Hotel. The Championship were organized by the Kazakh Kyokushinkai Federation led by shihan Muktar Juldasov in cooperation with the Ministry of the Sport and Culture of Kazakhstan.

     Opening ceremony                  Kumite                             Awards


                       Referee course and Sayonara            Sightseeing



The Open International Tournament KWF GRAND PRIX was organized in Tokyo on 26 March 2017 with 841 participants from 11 countries. Secretary General Andre Drewniak opened the tournament on behalf of the KWF. He congratulated the organizer Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka and also thanked all participants, coaches and judges representing many Kyokushin groups for coming from numerous distant countries. The popularity of the tournament is testimony to the idea of One World One Kyokushin. Shihan Andre Drewniak appealed on behalf of the former Uchi-deshi, namely President Loek Hollander, Vice President Antonio Pinero and his own to young fighters to cultivate Sosai Mas. Oyama's philosophy. He expressed his hope to meet next year in the same welcoming hall during the 2nd KWF World Championship.

Then took the floor the Secretary KWU Sergei Suvorov which realizing the program Time To Be United - invited to alliance Kyokushin within the framework of KWU and th- en presented a Japanese mask, which is a mascot of the coming KWU World Championship. After that Gasprom's representative handed over a memorial gift to Shihan N. Tanaka. At the end of the tournament Shihan A. Drewniak, Secretary Suvorov, Shihan N. Hamai and KWF Board Member D. Trifu were invited to give awards to winners. The organizer of GRAND PRIX was KWF Japan led by its Country Representative N. Tanaka.





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