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Dear KWF members, Shihans, Senseis, Senpais and all other Kyokushin friends, Some time ago I addressed you about the radical changes in the world as a result of the outbreak of COVID 19. Five months have passed and the consequences of COVID 19 are still incalculable. There is still no medical solution available yet that will put an end to this pandemic.We are starting to find it difficult to cope with the limitations that are affecting our lives. We have had to celebrate our vacations differently, we mainly work from home and practicing Kyokushin in isolation rather than together. Social distancing has become the standard in the world and has great consequences on how we treat each other as human beings.

In February we were able to give to our beloved Shihan Loek Hollander his last farewell in an appropriate way. Shihan Hollander stood at the cradle of the KWF. His whole life was dedicated to Kyokushin. For me personally, his death means the end of a 52-year lasting friendship. For the KWF his passing means that we will have to miss a charismatic leader; a man who was able to connect people and bring them together.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to pay Shihan Nuriyuki Tanaka the same respect at his passing. Shihan Tanaka was a respected member of the KWF-board. We will miss his enthusiasm and commitment to the KWF. The World Cup tournaments in Chiba which he organized together with his wife and many other Kyokushin friends an annual highlight within KWF. Both are forever in our thoughts and we are indebted to them for what they have done for Kyokushin. We wish their family and loved ones the strength to bear this incredible loss.

Within our KWF a lot of activities such as championships, summer camps and exams have been cancelled. Dojo’s are having a hard time because students stay away, since training together is not possible. For many of us it seems to be a lost year, but it does not have to be. Let’s all pick up the gauntlet and start this a new season. A season in which COVID 19 will hopefully come to a standstill. A season in which we have to support each other like we used to do, more than ever. Kyokushin will help us make this start. In some countries the measures have become more flexible
whilst in others extra measures are being taken. Most of all it is important that we do the things we do safely and that we use our common sense. During the training we always use enormous willpower on success and victory. Every day we strive a better tomorrow. Now we have to use this willpower to overcome this crisis together and get back on our feet even stronger than before.

Let us use this time also to think about the future. In my previous letter I already mentioned that this time is an opportunity to strengthen the mental component of your Kyokushin. I referred to the period in which Sosai isolated himself from the world into the mountains to train alone. Currently the world seems to slowly retreat from us and forces us to think about the things that really matters. What worries me most is that intolerance in the world is taking on ever-increasing proportions. Like Sosai, let us use Kyokushin to make the world more beautiful and a little friendlier.

We are all equal and we all deserve the same rights and opportunities in our lives. Friendship is an important element in our organization; the abilities to trust each other, support each other and try to understand each other are core values within Kyokushin. No matter how difficult this can be sometimes. Stay in touch with each other and before you form an opinion look into the motives of others, immerse yourself in people and their motives. Therefore, besides our focus on strengthening our physical skills and strength, we need to balance it with the spiritual and mental
component in our daily training. Sosai Oyama said that the fundamental truth of Kyokushin is one. Sosai also said that Kyokushin would continue to develop over the years. That there would be a
modernization of Kyokushin, training methods, the classification system for championships. He even predicted in the implementation of protective equipment.

Sosai Oyama constantly studied new methods and compared them with the old ones, investigating from new angles. Of course, Kyokushin and the bushido code have their origins in a distant past. However, Kyokushin as well as bushido can only survive if they are seen and lived in a contemporary perspective. It is essential that actions today are determined by the motives based on the existing code translated into modern life. I challenge you to use this COVID time to find your way in this. Nevertheless, let’s not forget to enjoy everyday things that we have long taken for
granted. The pleasure we get from our training, a student’s beautiful kata or an understanding of something that suddenly reveals itself. Personally, I experience this period as a test of my dedication to Kyokushin. In my training the search for harmony, health and personal growth in budo are key. As I’ve always been telling you, this helps me to get better as a person. I invite you to join me on this journey along the path that Sosai has paved for us: The Kyokushin Way.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Antonio Piñero
President KWF

Spain, 2020 September 20th


   On August 30, in Chiba TKP Garden City Hall, the Farewell Ceremony of Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka took place. Approximately 300 persons, including dojo members, family and friends, representatives of various karate groups took part in the memorial. 
   Video messages from KWF President Shihan Antonio Pinero and KWF General Secretary Shihan Andre Drewniak were displayed on the screen, followed by the translation in Japanese language. Among the special guests were Shihan Masahiro Kaneko (Kyokushin Kenbukai), Shihan Noriyasu Hamai (Kyokushinkaikan Hamai) and Sensei Andrzej Zacharski (KWF), who gave the farewell speech in honour of the late Shihan Tanaka, who passed away on May 15, 2020. Due to various restrictions concerning the COVID-19 virus, the ceremony was separated from the funeral, which was organized strictly for family members in May.

   Shihan Tanaka was representing KWF in Japan for more than 10 years. He organized many successful international tournaments and seminars, thanks to which hundreds of international karate practicioners were able to participate in and gain the valuable budo experience. Shihan Tanaka passed away due to cancer disease, at the age of 68. 


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On August 28-29, 2020, a KWF Seminar was held in Krakow, with about 60 participants on the first day and nearly 100 participants on the second day. Players from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine and Japan also participated in the seminar. The seminar was aimed at training center managers and players, plus exams for Kyu and Dan. On the first day there was a 3-hour Kyu exam in the Polska YMCA hall. The test takers received the Kyu Certificates.

On the second day, there was a warm-up and general development training at MDK Dom Harcerza, conducted by shihan Janusz Piorkowski. An hour-long specialist training with shields was conducted by shihan Andrzej Drewniak and kata training by shihan Bogdan Świątkowski together with the world champion Anna Lisowska. The second training devoted to combat combinations was conducted by World Cup and European Championships medalists: sensei Michał Werner together with sempai Kamil Mastaj.

At the same time, the KWF Examination Committee composed of shihan, shihan: A.Drewniak, R. Kopciowki, J. Piórkowski, Z. Niedźwiedź and H. Orzechowski conducted a 2-hour exam of technique and kata. The culmination of the seminar was an hour-long kumite, secured with helmets and fists. At the end of the exams, the participants of the exams received Certificates of the exam for Dan. The medical care was provided for 2 days by the National Team doctor Krzysztof Mawlichanow.

During the break between the trainings, a meeting was held with the participation of nearly 40 managers of the centers where the most important problems of Polish Karate Federation and the Kyokushin organization were discussed, as well as the schedule of events in 2020. President Maciej Sokołowski presented the Dan Grade Verification program in the context of obligations to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. 25 center managers attended the Avanti restaurant in Sayonara.



 Throughout July and August, the All-Ukrainian Summer School in KYOKUSIN KWF 2020 was held under the leadership of the National Representative of KWF in Ukraine Sensei Dmytro Nikolaiev, 4th dan.

 In order to comply with the conditions of quarantine, the school was held in three arrivals of 40 people in each, thus, a total of 120 participants from the Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkassy and Chernigov regions participated.

 The event took place in Migie (Mykolaiv region). In this area there is a canyon of the Southern Bug with 12 rapids and outcrops of granite rocks. In addition to training, the participants of the school had the opportunity to hike along the picturesque mountainous terrain, as well as to make an extreme descent along a mountain river on rafts, this requires good physical fitness.

 An intensive training program was prepared for the school participants, the athletes were divided into groups with different levels of training and difficulty, for Kihon trainings and Kumite trainings. The trainings were held in mountainous areas. The culmination of the summer school was kyu and dan tests.


На протяжении, июля и августа прошла Всеукраинская летняя школа по КИОКУСИН KWF 2020 под руководством Национального представителя KWF в Украине сэнсэя Дмитрия Николаева, 4 дан.  

 С целью соблюдения условий карантина школа была проведена в три заезда по 40 человек в каждом, таким образом, всего участвовало 120 участников из Николаевской, Херсонской, Черкасской и Черниговской областей.

 Мероприятие проходило в Мигие (Николаевская область). В этой местности расположен каньон Южного Буга с 12-ю порогами и выходами гранитных скал. Участники школы помимо тренировок представилась возможность совершить поход по живописной горной местности, а так же совершить экстремальный спуск по горной реке на рафтах, для этого необходима хорошая физическая подготовка.

Для участников школы была подготовлена интенсивная программа тренировок, спортсмены были разделены на группы с различным уровнем подготовки и сложности, для кихон-тренингов и кумитэ-тренингов. Тренировки проводились в горной местности.  Кульминацией летней школы  было проведение кю и дан тестов. 

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