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26-29 July 2018 took place International Summer Camp in Benasque, Spain. The main instructor was President of KWF shihan Antonio Pinero 9 dan. The trainings were conducted three times a day by other present shihans for example Tomás Tudela, Mauricio Alvarado, Manuel Girón Cortés, Javier Sánchez, Paul Loris Javier Serrano Ruiz and Javier Lezkano.
Three days of training took place in full sun at a temperature of 35 degrees Celcius. There were about 180 participants from Spain, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Netherlands and the other countries.

The blackbelt exam took place under the guidance of Shihan Pinero from the morning and ends in the afternoon with traditional full contact fightings. The level of advanced is also beginning to converge internationally. The examination requirements are the same everywhere and are tested with the same intensity, that makes our new degree really worth it and equal all over the world.

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19 - 22 July 2018 on the sports facilities of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow took place the 45th Eastern European Kyokushin Summer Camp with 302 participants from 7 countries. The main instructors were the President of KWF shihan Antonio Pinero 9 dan and the Country Representative of the United States shihan Leslaw Samitowski 7 dan from Chicago. The plan of the camp was supervised by the Secretary of the KWF, shihan Andre Drewniak 9 dan. The program included a morning warm-up and 3 two-hour trainings. Becouse this year's camp was the 45th jubilee, during the first training - on Thursday the participants took part in the consumption of a cake prepared especially for this occasion.

On Friday evening, in the ''Justyna'' hotel were hosted the Meeting of the Polish Kyokushinkai Federation with 51 branch chiefs and shihan A. Pinero, shihan A. Drewniak and the President of the Polish Karate Federation sensei Maciej Sokolowski. Invited guests were the President of Polish YMCA Adam Goncerz and Vice President of PKF shihan W. Antoniao. The participants discussed the most important problems of Kyokushin, the Polish Karate Federation and the situation in the world karate after the entry of the WKF into the Olympics. On Saturday afternoon in front of the committee consisting of all shihan present at the camp, were held the technical examinations for the degrees dan and kyu. In the evening there was a Sayonara customary combined with a cabaret contest. This year, competition among all groups was very hard and the first place were won by a group consisting of 4,5 and 6 subgroups led by shihan Janusz Piorkowski.

On Sunday morning, there was over two-hours kumite exam for dan and kyu degrees which was followed by a photo session and handing of 48 masters' certificates. All participants received commemorative calendars for 2019 and key rings. The organizer of the annual East-European Kyokushin Summer Camp was the Polish Kyokushinkai Federation headed by shihan Andre Drewniak. Next 46th camp is planed in July 18-21, 2019

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From Wednesday 27th of June to Sunday the 1st of July
the Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Org (NKKO) hosted their annual summer camp.

More than180 students joined the camp to train with world class instructors from Spain and Norway. We were very happy to meet and train with our friends from Shinkyokushin, Makotokai and several independent dojo´s. This year we also had more than 60 black belts from all over Norway training together. Shihan Antonio Pinero 9th dan and President of KWF was the main instructor, together with Shihan Javier Lezkano, Shihan Geir Havreberg, Shihan Tom Soelve Erga and Sensei Pablo Estensoro.

We had different classes in basic, kata, fighting, self defense and special class for dan candidates. The camp motto was “Back To Basic” and our instructors focused on our Kyokushin roots. The fighting team trained together with the national coach Sensei Odd Kjetil Liland and our guest instructor Sensei Pablo Estensoro. The kata team trained under the guidance of our national kata coach Sensei Roy Svendsen.

Sunday morning the NKKO grading committee together with Shihan Pinero held the dan exam for 12 candidates. It was a hard grading lasting for four hours with basic, kata, strength exercises and 20/30/40 rounds of kumite. This year all our candidates passed their dan exam. This is proof of the excellent job done by our club leaders, instructors and the candidates themselves in preparing for the exam.

All the students fought hard and showed great Kyokushin spirit. Among the higher grades awarded Sensei Johnny Reiestad (former international fighter and former national fighting coach) and Sensei Roy Svendsen (national coach in kata and several times norwegian kata champion) was promoted to 4th dan, both showing excellent techniques and fighting spirit. We are also proud to announce that Sensei Jarle Sundvor passed the exam for 5th dan and it is with great respect we can call him Shihan.

Shihan Jarle showed great fighting spirit and impresses us all with his great performance. This dan exam showed that a dan grade in NKKO must be earned through hard training and Kyokushin spirit, not given like a cheap present. Osu!

send by Geir Rune Tøge from NKKO



On 6-9 July 2018 took place in Papendal, the Netherlands 51st International Kyokushin Summer Camp with around 100 participants from 8 countries. The camp took place under the patronage of the Honorary President of the KWF, shihan Loek Hollander.

The head coach was the President of KWF, shihan Antonio Pinero 9 dan.

In addition there were shihans, Fernando Perez and Javier Leskano from Spain, shihan Jeromme de Timmerman from France and about 20 Dutch trainers conducted trainings of individual groups.

A dan exam took place.

The organizer of the camp was the Netherlandse Kyokushin Karate Organization.



On 1-8 July, in Kamchya, Bulgaria, the International Camp of KWU took place with a record number of over 1400 participants from 30 countries. KWF was represented by around 200 coaches, referees and players.

July 1 at 20.00, the official opening of the KWU Summer Camp under the patronage of the President of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Karate Federation, shihan Ivo Kamenov, took place in the hall of the Raduga Hotel. Introductions were made by shihan Marin Mitev and shihan Nikolay Rachev. The first person to speak was a member of the KWU Board, shihan Andre Drewniak, who in his speech underlined the supremacy of the idea of unification Kyokushin under the slogan TIME TO BE UNITED and the need to realize their dreams to make life more interesting according to the rules of sosai Mas. Oyama. Then came the Secretary of KWU, shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov, and a member of the KWU Board, shihan Ramil Gabasov, who presented the training program for the judges.

July 2 at At 7.00 on the training ground, shihan A. Drewniak opened the trainings in the presence of all participants. He stressed that this is a unique camp where some of the best trainers and players have the opportunity to exchange experiences and deepen friendships while enjoying the wonderful Bulgarian nature, beautiful weather and the hospitality of the Organizer.

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On July 3, the International Youth Tournament Varna Cup 2018 took place with the participation of over 200 competitors from 20 countries, combined with a 3-day training program for judges of KWU. The opening of the tournament was made by Shihan A. Drewniak, the need to follow the Kyokushin Fighting Rules and the 7 principles contained in the Dojo Swears. The main judge was shihan R. Gobasov. The cups were presented by the representatives of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Federation and shihan A. Drewniak.

On July 4, the WFKO International Tournament was held according to the provisions of Professional Kyokushin. The opening of the tournament was made by the President of the Federation, shihan Aleksander Taniushkin. The belts were presented by representatives of the Federation and shihan A. Taniushkin.

On July 5, IFK leader shihan David Pickhall from Great Britain and President Kyokushin-Kan shihan Hatsuo Royama and shihan Akio Koyama from Japan - joined the trainings.

On July 6, BKKF examinations for kyu and dan took place.

On the 7th of July a photo session was held with the participation of many photographers and a drone, finished with mini training of black belts in the sea. After took place Official Meeting of KWU Board led by Secretary shihan A. Pichkunov and members: shihan D.Pickhall, shihan H.Royama, shihan A. Drewniak, shihan R.Gobasov and shihan A. Koyama. In the evening, Sayonara party took part in the Rapongi Restaurant with the participation of over a hundred branch chief and judges from all countries participating in the Camp.

All cost were covered by BKKF.

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2018-06-06  KWF SUMMER CAMP DIGHA, INDIA 25-29 MAY, 2018


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