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On 1-8 July, in Kamchya, Bulgaria, the International Camp of KWU took place with a record number of over 1400 participants from 30 countries. KWF was represented by around 200 coaches, referees and players.

July 1 at 20.00, the official opening of the KWU Summer Camp under the patronage of the President of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Karate Federation, shihan Ivo Kamenov, took place in the hall of the Raduga Hotel. Introductions were made by shihan Marin Mitev and shihan Nikolay Rachev. The first person to speak was a member of the KWU Board, shihan Andre Drewniak, who in his speech underlined the supremacy of the idea of unification Kyokushin under the slogan TIME TO BE UNITED and the need to realize their dreams to make life more interesting according to the rules of sosai Mas. Oyama. Then came the Secretary of KWU, shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov, and a member of the KWU Board, shihan Ramil Gabasov, who presented the training program for the judges.

July 2 at At 7.00 on the training ground, shihan A. Drewniak opened the trainings in the presence of all participants. He stressed that this is a unique camp where some of the best trainers and players have the opportunity to exchange experiences and deepen friendships while enjoying the wonderful Bulgarian nature, beautiful weather and the hospitality of the Organizer.

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On July 3, the International Youth Tournament Varna Cup 2018 took place with the participation of over 200 competitors from 20 countries, combined with a 3-day training program for judges of KWU. The opening of the tournament was made by Shihan A. Drewniak, the need to follow the Kyokushin Fighting Rules and the 7 principles contained in the Dojo Swears. The main judge was shihan R. Gobasov. The cups were presented by the representatives of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Federation and shihan A. Drewniak.

On July 4, the WFKO International Tournament was held according to the provisions of Professional Kyokushin. The opening of the tournament was made by the President of the Federation, shihan Aleksander Taniushkin. The belts were presented by representatives of the Federation and shihan A. Taniushkin.

On July 5, IFK leader shihan David Pickhall from Great Britain and President Kyokushin-Kan shihan Hatsuo Royama and shihan Akio Koyama from Japan - joined the trainings.

On July 6, BKKF examinations for kyu and dan took place.

On the 7th of July a photo session was held with the participation of many photographers and a drone, finished with mini training of black belts in the sea. After took place Official Meeting of KWU Board led by Secretary shihan A. Pichkunov and members: shihan D.Pickhall, shihan H.Royama, shihan A. Drewniak, shihan R.Gobasov and shihan A. Koyama. In the evening, Sayonara party took part in the Rapongi Restaurant with the participation of over a hundred branch chief and judges from all countries participating in the Camp.

All cost were covered by BKKF.

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The KWF Norway Summer Camp 2018 is over. Unfortunately, the days went all too fast. It was a great camp. On the west coast of Norway at the Stavanger area it is not often, we have 25 degrees outside all week. We had as usual classes within kihon, combinations, kumite, self-defence, bunkai and Dim Mak. (trigger point fighting). And also some hard physical exercises with Shihan Paul Lorist. And not to forget about the night training. At a Kyokushin camp food is of vital importance for the participants to be able to do their utmost during the training. We had our own CHEF and he filled really our stomachs! The summer camp collected about 100 karatekas.
The main instructors were: Shihan Antonio Pinero - 9 dan, shihan Lars Hogquist - 7 dan, shihan Fernando Perez - 6 dan, shihan Paul Lorist - 5 dan, shihan Magne Kaastad - 5 dan, sensei Hugo Mani - 4 dan And more instructors as required. The children had three very competent instructors. The children is our future. And some of them might be our new KWF champion. What also makes a camp excellent is the spirit and atmosphere among the instructors. All instructors always had the smile on their face and the cooperation between the instructors were great. The camp ended on Saturday with the Dan promotion test. 16 candidates were up for the test but unfortunately, some did not make it that day. Better luck next year. The camp was only for KWF members. KWF Norway wishes you a great summer.

Shihan Lars Hogquist.


On june 23rd 2018, the First KWF Championship of America was held in San José, Costa Rica. The Championship had the participation of countries such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile and the Netherlands. There were over 200 competitors in Kata and Kumite Divisions. The Saiko Shinpan Cho was Shihan Mauricio Alvarado from Costa Rica and the Shinpan Cho was Shihan Eric Constancia from The Netherlands.

Text by shihan Mauricio Alvarado Prada 5th DAN -KWF BOARD MEMBER

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25-29 May, participant from 6 Different State of India gathered together at a place called Digha in West Bengal State (India). Over 130 participant boys and girls of different belt and around 18 Black Belts gone through a tough training schedule morning, afternoon, evening training. Shihan Antonio Pinero took a great trouble to come from the other end of the World and took a long long very tiring journey from Ibiza to Digha. Shihan was greatly welcomed and felicitated by every dojo INCHARGE of KWF. Students stood in line on both side of the road and when Shihan was walking to the Felicitation Area, all students were showering flowers on Shihan.
Training Began at Sea Side and everyone went through a great learning from Shihan Antonio Pinero where he explained the fine details of Kyokushin. It was hard and tough training under the heat (45 Degree). Everyone was with a great spirit and enthusiasm. Boys and Girls were amazed by the teaching method of Shihan. They all agree today that KWF is the best organization in the World for Kyokushin who are holding the true spirit of Sosai.
18 Black Belts and 7 Brown Que attended the Referee and Judging Seminar. Shihan Antonio Pinero taken them through a thorough learning of KWF Fighting Rules. India KWF now got knowledgeable Corner Judge and Referee and will be able to manage tournament in a better way.
4 Nidan Appeared for Sandan, 3 Appeared for Nidan and 7 Appeared for Sodan but unfortunately 3 of them were under age and was refused by Shihan. They will wait till they are at the right age for Sodan. 11 Successful Participant got the Dan Promotion. All were greatly motivated by Shihan and now taking preparation to participate in Kazagisthan KWF World Tournament.        This Summer Camp for India KWF will always be written in history as a stepping stone to build India in a big way in coming days.
OSU. India KWF


On June 16, 2018 at the YMCA Sport Fighting Hall in Krakow, a Seminar was held for the national team preparing for the European Championship in Kaliningrad and the World Championship in Astana, in which 62 competitors, instructors and judges participated. Trainings were conducted by shihan Andre Drewniak, shihan Sergey Soldatow from Russia, Shihan Robert Wajgelt and sensei Bogdan Swiatkowski, who were assisted by shihan Robert Kopciowski and shihan Janusz Piorkowski.

In the hours of 15-17 took place the Meeting in the Fireplace Room with the participation of 32 Polish Branch Chiefs, devoted to organizational preparations for the European Championship in Kaliningrad and study Judging Rules. Shihan S. Soldatow acquainted the gathered with the state of preparations for the European Championship. The issue of electronic visas operating on the occasion of the Russian Football World Cup and the organization of a collective trip by a 70-person bus from City Sieradz was discussed.

The second training devoted to combos to fight and work on equipment was carried out. After the one hour kumite was led by shihan A. Drewniak in the presence of the present shihans. In parallel, sensei B. ?wiatkowski ran an hour of advanced kata training in the Mirror Room.

In summary, the program in the field of training, organization and refereeing was carried out in its entirety. Training of the national team will be continued at the 45th Eastern European Summer Camp at the University of Physical Education in Krakow. Welcome.





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